Thursday, 10 July 2014

Battle of Koree Farm

We had a very bloody game of Some Corner of a Foreign Field last night. Israeli paratroopers attempted to seize Koree Farm, a vital strongpoint in the West Bank.
Starting positions - Jordanians central, Israelis flanking.

The Jordanians defending took a real kicking in the first turn - even losing their corporal to a Serious Wound in the first volley. But over the course of the game they clawed back the casualty rate with vicious determination until eventually, they went from being a sure loser to being one shot away from a total (and I mean total) KO.
The corporal and his oppo go down, seriously wounded and dead.

A sniper on the edge of the wood takes down a third man.

...and a fourth gets hit in the fields.

The silent death surveys his work with Fired and Prone markers.

The turning point was when two isolated Israelis got taken down with Serious Wounds. Their comrades couldn't get to them without crossing open ground in front of the Jordanian field of fire - so they moved into the open to try and neutralise the stronghold, only to be wiped out in the courtyard themselves, just like the first Jordanian casualties.
The Israeli grenadier goes down.

Liebgott gets shot on the run! The Samal flees offscreen!

Rav Turai Avraham about to shoot the Bren gunner.

A second before Friedman gets shot from the field.

Barak attempts to avenge him - the Rav Turai succeeds!

All-conquering Paratroopers, a second before the grenade went off.
Lance Corporal Hakim's grenade killed two men, seriously wounded a third and convinced the fourth to surrender. Sadly, he was unceremoniously dispatched by men in no mood for prisoners.

Jordanian lancejack and private about to kill the Israeli gunner.

In the very last turn, with his last conscious action, a Jordanian private fired at the sniper and was only a pip away from ending him - but alas, he missed. It was all very dramatic, and good fun was had by all.
The lone survivor walked not in the valley of death.

Result: Draw, favouring the Israelis

Butcher's Bill
Everyone except one Israeli sniper was either dead or seriously injured. Oh no wait - the Israeli Samal (corporal) ran off the board when he saw his buddy get shot.

The game was absolutely brutal, largely because the Jordanians had nowhere to retreat except the house, and the Israelis had to take the house to save their injured comrades.

We "learned" that: grenades are excellent for clearing courtyards; men standing in the open are much easier to shoot than those lying down in cover; larger calibre rounds are great for taking down the enemy; suppressive fire from machine guns is horrible; sometimes people surrender at absolutely the worst moment for their side; staying out of the cauldron is the best way not to get boiled.

It was great fun nonetheless, especially watching the Jordanians nearly manage to hold the strongpoint after a terrible first pounding from the Israeli sneak attack.

A new twist was tried out with the Called Shots rule, namely that if the enemy are within x of the character calling out their spot, that character counts as having fired a bolt action rifle that turn, as the noise draws their attention. It worked quite well, but could be considered needlessly complex. We only really did it because I was playing with my usual RPG crowd, and we fancied adding in a few more consequences to things.

Some Corner of a Foreign Field is available exclusively from The Wargame Vault.


  1. Looks like these are no longer available on the Wargames Vault ... how can the rules be obtained?

    1. I'm really sorry I didn't reply to this earlier - I only got notified about your comment today.

      SCOAFF is now available as "Danger Close" via Empress Miniatures. I hope you enjoy playing the game!

  2. I second Jay's comment. I want to own this ruleset, but cannot seem to track it down.

    1. SCOAFF is now available as "Danger Close" via Empress Miniatures. I hope you enjoy playing the game!