Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Morningstar Productions Dawns

Today saw the publication of Morningstar Productions' first two games - Little Lead Men and Victory with Honour. They are very different games, but similar in two important respects: they are both simple, and they are both just two pages long.

As well as traditionally sized roleplaying games and wargames, Morningstar Productions hopes to produce a whole line of "Tactical Two-Pagers" - wargames (and occasionally RPGs) that take up just two pages but are fun to play and evocative of what they represent.

Little Lead Men is a game in the spirit of H.G. Wells or Sham Battle, a simple representation of war to be played with simple representations of soldiers. Whether on the tabletop or the eiderdown, it is quick to learn and fun to play.

Victory with Honour is the aggregation of several small beer & pretzel games I have worked on over the last few years to represent heroic combat in the pre-gunpowder era. When I realised I was trying to achieve the same sort of thing for Vikings, knights, Fianna and samurai, I decided to merge them into one simple starter game. This was partly due to the experience of refereeing a wargame for two groups of children at my friend James' Young Nottingham Gamers event earlier this year. It is a robust, fast-moving game that offers two levels of victory - you can win the field or win glory, but it is hard to balance both!

Both games are currently available at an introductory discount at http://www.wargamevault.com/browse.php?manufacturers_id=6623. All our rules will be discounted when they are first released, and all Tactical Two-Pager rules will be added to the bundle when they come out as well. While the prices of individual rulesets will revert after a month or two, the bundles will continue to offer great value at a low price.

Our next release will probably be For a Dollar & a Gun, a set of cowboy rules that use no dice or rulers, just cards and poker chips. While designed for 54mm "poundstore" cowboys, it would do just as well for models between 72 & 20mm tall. This should hopefully be coming out in the next couple of months, though if anyone would like to playtest the rules further before their publication, they should get in touch at infoatmorningstar at gmail dot com. Anyone with other questions should also feel free to write in.

Hopefully we will be busy enough to keep this blog regularly updated with news, playthroughs and battle reports, but this is only a part-time gig, so please add us to RSS feeds, bookmark us or similar - and keep coming back!

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